Private Investigation

Private Investigation

Private investigations

  • We deploy undercover agents in the workplace to address unexplained stock shrinkages monetary losses and loss causing incidents including sabotage 

(The head of this Department overseeing Undercover Operations was a former Police Detective and a founding Member of the South African Police Organised Crime Unit, Pretoria Branch. He has been involved in successful arrest and prosecution of Organised Crime syndicates in conjunction with the (NPA) National Prosecuting Authority. All our undercover agent handlers are trained former SA Police Organised Crime operators who are skilled in conducting covert investigations and gathering of evidence in criminal cases for prosecution purposes.) 

  • Recovery of funds lost as a result of criminal activity in the workplace
  • Business & Personal Risk Assessment
  • Employee screening
  • Tracing of missing persons

(We have established a network of contacts over years which enables us to source relevant information from overt and covert sources which could change the course of any investigation with a simple action such phone call to the right person)

  • Infidelity investigations ( Cheating Spouse / Partner  ) 

(We have the technical capacity to track your spouse’s movements 24/7)

  • Blackmail  (We have investigated incidents of celebrity blackmail)

(We have investigated incidents of celebrity blackmail and knows what is at stake when your reputation is on the line )

  • Business Partner investigation / background check 
  • Substance Abuse 

(We assist you with experienced Police Detectives, all former members of (SANAB) South African Police Narcotic Branch) who has been trained in identifying illegal substances, detecting methods to identify behavioural signs of substance abuse in children and family members and assisting family members to address the problem.)



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