Insurance investigations

Insurance Investigation

Insurance investigations

  • Insurance claim verification
  • Investigation of repudiated insurance claims.

(Get a second opinion, we task experienced insurance investigators to re-investigate your claim after it has been repudiated by your Insurance Company. We have verified in excess of 1500 short term insurance claims over a period of 2 years.)

  • Personal insurance risk assessment.

Based on practical experience in the insurance industry we are equipped to provide personal insurance claim risk assessment services ensuring a smooth claim experience whenever the insured suffers a loss.
It is a regular occurrence in the insurance industry on a daily basis that personal insurance claims are repudiated or adjusted to a lesser amount at the cost of the insured/client.
In most cases this situation can be blamed on, to name but a few of the possible scenarios:

  • At policy inception stage, the contents of the insurance contract (fine print) was not properly explained to the insured.
  • Ownership dispute over claimed items – insurer request ownership from the insured of claimed items, insured is non-compliant as the item in question was usually purchased long time ago. (Resulting in the disputed item being discarded from the claim list).
  • Security features at residence – at claim stage the insured premises is inspected by an insurance claims assessor / investigator and found to be non-compliant with contract stipulations ( resulting in total repudiation of the insured’s claim)



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